Secretary's Report


AGM 2014-15

Dear esteemed members

A very good evening to all of you !!!!!

It is a matter of great pleasure to greet and wish you and your family’s good health, happiness and prosperity. It is my pleasure to present the annual report of the chapter’s activities for the year 2014-15 on behalf of the executive committee before the noble gathering.

The Indian Institute of Metals is now recognised throughout the world as one of the premier metallurgical organisation. Within it, IIM Visakhapatnam Chapter, as you are aware, is one of the large chapters in the nation next to the Bhilai chapter.

In the last year, IIM Visakhapatnam chapter went online with the support of IT department of VSP –RINL. Out of the total 51 chapters in IIM, only 12 chapters have their online website so far. It is kindly requested to all the members to visit the website on regular basis.

A total of 4 technical talks and 2 workshops including various presentations were conducted on a wide variety of topics ranging from pulverized coal injection in blast furnace, cast house management in large volume blast furnaces, Latest design and technology for large volume blast furnaces, Olivine as additive in Indian Iron Manufacturing etc.

During the last year, a national level workshop on coal dust injection technology, CITECH-2014, was conducted in RINL, VSP in April 2014 which brought various PCI experts from different steel plants together on one platform. Another workshop was conducted on solid waste management in ferrous and non-ferrous industries at College of Engineering, JNTUK Vizianagaram.

Both of the student chapters are very active. An award of Rs. 5000/- for the best student in Metallurgy will be awarded to Ms. Shravya, 4th year BE (Met) student of JNTUK, Vizianagaram today in the evening.

Under the dynamic leadership of our chapter Chairman, Sri D N Rao, we went for strengthening ties with local industries and increasing the membership strength.

In the last FY, 18 life members & 210 student members joined our family. Presently, the chapter’s strength is about 438. The chapter owes its due respect to the management of RINL VSP for unstinted support in running the activities. I thank all the members for their constant support in nurturing the chapter and keeping it in high esteem.

I thank our IIM council members, ex-secretaries & other senior members who extended support at the time of need & urgency most willingly. I look forward for your continued support and encouragement in the coming days for the new committee.

Thanks once again for your gracious & valuable presence.

Hope you enjoy the evening.

(G Rameshchander)


IIM Visakhapatnam Chapter