Knowledge Exchange Workshop on PCI in BF


 A “Knowledge Exchange Workshop on Pulverised Coal Injection in Blast Furnace” was jointly organised by Indian Institute of Metals, Vizag chapter and Blast Furnace department of RINL on 17th& 18th April 2014 at Management Development Centre, Visakhapatnam Steel Plant, RINL.

This work shop on pulverized coal injection has brought all major iron making BF PCI experts to exchange their knowledge. Plants which are about to commission PCI like RINL, RSP, IISCO, Burnpur and plants which are already successfully injecting coal into BFs like JSPL, Raigarh, TATA Steel, JSW, Bhilai& Durgapur have nicely presented their experience with commissioning and stabilization. There was lot of debate about how much we have to inject to start with, safety precautions to be taken and problems anticipated during commissioning and subsequent stabilization

 There is no doubt that quality of raw materials plays a vital role in injection rate but it’s not a limiting one. Mr Sarkar, Vice President of JSPL advised for going for maximum injection rate is a challenge for all BF Iron makers. While attempting  higher rates of injection, we need to closely monitor the quality of raw materials i.e. Coke & Iron bearing and also emphasis should be on ensuring the availability of the PCI System as whole to avoid any untoward incidents.

TATA Steel has brought out how they could achieve the higher injection rate with replacement ratio of 0.85.Highest monthly average injection rate of 189 kg/thm   by JSPL was appreciated. MECON expert has touched various design aspects like coal grinding mills, bag filter, coal silos, retrofitting of PCI to older furnaces or furnaces on the verge of completion of campaign.

As adhering to strict technological discipline is a key factor in successful commissioning, cold trials are to be listed and followed strictly. As the experts strongly advocated, all the control mechanisms have to be given due importance without by-passing any step at any point of time. I also understand that lot of deliberations took place in the house regarding decision of stopping the furnace or continuing the operation without PCI incase of any problem in PCI system.

PCI not only saves cost by replacing BF Coke & CO2 emissions, but also helps in achieving environmental targets that are set since coke making involves treatment of effluents to a large extent before letting into sea/rivers. The young & dynamic teams of various plants have shown a great level of confidence for implementation of various new technologies brought in.

All the important aspects are enumerated and a free & fair discussion took place during this 2 day program. IIM, Vizag is looking forward to organize such technical workshops in near future with the support from management of RINL