Olivine as additive in Indian Iron Manufacturing

A technical talk on “Olivine as additive in Indian Iron Manufacturing” organised by Indian Institute of Metals, Vizag chapteron 18thAugust 2014 at E.D (Works) conference hall of Visakhapatnam Steel Plant,RINL.  Mr. Tore Rodal, the speaker is the commercial Director Steel, SIBELCO, Nordic; Norway.

The speaker talked about the characteristics of Indian iron ore and its effects on   sinter quality and blast furnace productivity. Though Indian iron ore is rich in iron but its full advantages cannot be utilized because of high alumina content & high alumina/silica ratio and itseffects on slag chemistry. Conventionally Dolomite is being added as flux in sintering process to obtained desired chemical & physical properties as demanded by highly productive large capacity modern blast furnaces. Availability of quality Dolomite   is diminishing day by day all over the world.  More over as Dolomite is carbonaceous material, carbon emission during sintering will have negative effect on environment. On the contrary, Olivine is the naturally occurring mixture of Forsterite(Mg2SiO4) & Fayalite(Fe2SiO4) with the basicity range 1.2.

The speaker has shown various pilot scale test results & industrial applications of Olivine as a replacement of Dolomite in India & abroad.   He has discussed about the advantages of using olivine as flux during sinter making process with regard to productivity of sinter plant & blast furnaces& their overall impact on hot metal cost. Presently Research&Development department is also working on theuse of Olivine as replacement of Dolomite in sintering process at Vizag Steel.Senior officials of Vizag Steel were present in the lecture. There was good response during interactive session. Shri G Ramesh Chander the secretory,IIM, Vizag proposed the vote of thanks.